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Revels and Rebels II

Dear Santa, Last year I asked for a revolution. I’m sorry you weren’t able to make me one in time. This year, I hope you will have the time. Since I last wrote to you, things have got worse as integrity and truth sets sail from England's shores. And with it, we are left to struggle with the lack of political choice, puzzle as to why religious buildings are converted into luxury housing and hold our breath as Democracy is sent to be archived next to Freedom of Speech. Amidst this state of confusion, the media scavenge on the carcass of justice. With all the disillusionment that this has created, should we really be surprised by the disturbing rise of the BMP at a time when X Factor offers a greater voting spectrum, OK magazine has become the modern day scriptures and money has been re-invented as the new Venus? Santa, you’re lucky some people still believe in you. Yes, I know we have a new decade to look forward to. But as we teeter on the precipice of 2010, what do we beli