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Revels and Rebels IX

Dear Santa, Sorry that you had to chase me via email for my wish.  With world politics turning into a fairground attraction this year, I understand that you needed to know in advance if my wish was going to be as big as the BREXIT carousel we’re all currently riding on.  But worry not, Santa, my wish will not be putting a strain on your logistics, so you can tell the second army of reindeer to stand down, you won’t be needing another sleigh tonight. And so to the deed in hand. A trumpet of neighing reindeer if you please…. Herewith is my ninth Christmas wish. Santa, for Christmas this year, I would like reality.  Not virtual reality, not reality TV, and definitely not hyper-reality.  Just reality.  And by reality, I refer to the type of existence where happiness isn’t merchandised.  Where there is more meaning and less information.  And where an Instagram filter is simply a clever piece of code rather than a way of life.  For the last two decades, the med