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Fee Fi Fo Fum

  When I was a kid, I hated the playground. In one ring of the bell it was an arena for the school bully, a catwalk for the uber cool and a crèche for the likes of me who had no point to prove and just wanted to play hopscotch thank you very much. Every so often I’d be dragged into the arena to either defend myself, or, others and whilst I waited in vain to receive my invite to the catwalk, it never came. You leave school, you move on and you take up new calls to adventure. Every so often on the road of trials, you come across people that are able to transport you back to the playground with a speed that the flux capacitor could only achieve if strapped to a rocket. My back to the future moment happened quite recently on Facebook, that infamous virtual playground that breaks the rules and lets you do things you could never do in your old playground, like write on walls and throw sheep. In the Facebook playground, you can meet old friends, new friends and those friends you wished