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Revels and Rebels VII

Dear Santa, This is the seventh Christmas wish letter I have written to you.  As the number seven is my lucky number, I have big hopes that my Christmas wish for this year might come true. When I think about next year, I have quite a few fears in terms of British politics being able to provide for its nation. Whilst Cameron, UKIP and the media play with matches, I’m left wondering who will be around to put out the fire? But this year, I look away from British politics and take a step back in time for my Christmas wish. Santa, for Christmas, I would like a beauty revolution.  Just to be clear, it’s not the type of revolution that Beauty Houses gift wrap in the form of cellulite busting anti-ageing jars, or lip pumping wands. Though I have to admit that a lip pumping wand sounds fun and maybe Mrs Claus would secretly like to find one of those in her Christmas stocking..? Rather, I’m talking about a revolution that puts an end to the beauty myth once and for all. I know, it’s a