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Upon Embankment Bridge

“And all that mighty heart is lying still!” Wordsworth It was burning in her pocket as she climbed the steps of Embankment Bridge. At each step, it was getting hotter. Reaching the top of the bridge, she caught sight of St Paul’s bleeding against the deep turquoise of dusk. Below, the dirty blue waters of the Thames swish by. A homeless man sits cross-legged at the top of the stairs. Behind him, the Houses of Parliament loom, apathetic to his needs. Holding out a MacDonald’s cup that has seen better days, he asks, “Any change, Miss?”  A train thunders passed into Charing Cross station.  She reaches inside her pocket and feels the heat of her change. Should she?  Her friend, who has been labouring up the steps, finally reaches the top. “Come on, Sue, we’re going to be late.”   At that moment, Sue makes the decision. Grabbing the coin that has been burning in her pocket, she leans towards the homeless man and with a tender smile on her face, drops the coin in his cup. “You