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Revels and Rebels IV

Dear Santa, I hope you don’t mind, but this year’s wish is a bit of a deviance from the usual. For the last four years I have asked for a revolution. I think I can safely say that the political and social unrest of 2011 means I got my wish. Whilst the banks and the media houses continue to run the world, revolutions, strikes and campaigns will remain. So with this in mind, asking for a revolution this year is a bit of a wasted wish. This year, my wish doesn’t look to our offline life; rather our online one. Whilst we are busy playing out our modern day story of the Sherriff of Nottingham against Robin Hood, his merry people and the townsfolk (please cast yourself accordingly), there is another force positioning themselves to take over the world. But first, let me set the scene… This Christmas Eve, sheltering in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral, Occupy London continues to courageously campaign for equality and justice for all; despite the winter chill and eviction notices. The