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Where Continents Collide

As the wind cannoned about her, whipping up a cocktail of salt air and seagulls’ cries, the woman began to wonder if her wedgewood blue coat would endure the valley’s tempestuous welcome. Picking her way through the ditches in the winding road, she descended towards the horizon. Against the backdrop of the western hills, a regiment of wild gorse lined her approach. Mesmerized by its yellow berets gleaming in the spotlight of the spring sun, she became defenseless to its armoured branches swaying in salute to the wind’s commands. With military precision, one branch swiped out and claimed a piece of her prized coat with a vitriolic bow. The wind tossed her objections into the air for the entertainment of the seagulls and amidst the swirls of their mocking shrieks, she battled on until the road disappeared into the sea. She stopped and looked on in amazement. The wind, pleased with her silent tribute to the valley, changed tactics and gently buffeted her towards the road’s final cor