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Revels and Rebels V

Dear Santa, Between you, me and this carrot I'm leaving for Rudoph, I'm beginning to wonder if you're getting my post. For this Christmas, Santa, I'd like another revolution. Not one where people lay bleeding on the streets with placards sticking out of their skull. I'm not the kinda girl that rolls that way. But, I do want a revolution in our thinking. I think it begins with going to a different supplier for our daily bread.  Rather than accepting the government and media's daily slops of headlines and reality tv programmes that put nail varnish and knickers over thinking about what we are doing with this world.  We could, for example, find another supplier. One that doesn't make headlines out of the poverty line in the UK.  But rather finds a way to lower the line and release our nation's potential. So this Christmas, please can you build a firewall to stop the government and media reducing our thinking to the ambitions of a lifestyle magazine