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Revels and Rebels X

Dear Santa, Herewith is my tenth annual letter to you as a grown up. Whoooo! Over the last decade, we've run the gauntlet of requests. From Revolutions to Reality and Beauty to Google. But we’re not finished yet… For this Christmas, Santa, I’d like goodwill. “Why,” I hear you ask, “Isn’t it seasonal?” No Santa, goodwill is like a cute puppy – it’s not just for Christmas. To be clear, I’m not talking about the type of goodwill that comes after five pints of beer, or when the teacher makes you show goodwill, or else. Nor the illuminated 'GOODWILL' sign you can buy in TK Maxx for a tenner. I’m talking about the type of goodwill where you have to dig deep to find the courage to be benevolent in the most difficult of situations. The thing is Santa, we end the year in a tricky old place. The free world is shackled. Reality is Fantasy and Virtual is Real. Fake is Truth and Truth is a Shadow. Happiness is a Product and Love is Power. And to be British is an existentialis