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Ice Cream Promises

"If those lions could roar," the little girl says to her friend, "I bet they'd roar so loud they'd blow yer head off." The little boy laughs imagining his friend running around Trafalgar Square headless. "I'm glad the lions are frozen.", he says sitting in between the lion's paws.  "Where do you think the lions came from?" "Hmmm, T hat'll take 5 slurps of m e ice-cream to find the answer." she says. Looking fondly at her strawberry ice cream cone with sprinkles and a flake, she sticks out her tongue and takes the first slurp of her contemplations.  The little boy starts counting: "1.... 2..... 3.... 4.... 5...... Well?" "Dunno," she says. "I got brain freeze." They giggle and look towards Big Ben as the cars twist and turn down Horse Guards Parade. "The first one to see a yellow car wins", the little girl shouts out.  They scrabble up t