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Revels and Rebels VI

Dear Santa, It's Christmas Eve.  The mulled wine is mulling, the chestnuts are roasting and I have a beady eye on a fresh batch of mince pies that have just come out of the oven. You know and I know what I'm going to ask for.   Of course you do. It wouldn't be Christmas without my wish. For Christmas this year, Santa, I would like a mirror. [Santa, this sentence is here so you can pick yourself off the floor and then......sit back down.] Do you need to gather the elves to discuss this? Ok, no problem. [Santa, this sentence is here to give you time to pause whilst you get said elves together for a discussion...] What's that? Don't I want my usual wish of a revolution, I hear you plead. Yes, I thought you'd say that.   No thanks Santa, I'm trying out something new this year. Now, about this mirror.  I don't really care what it looks like, but I do want you to do something particular with it. To spare your blushes Santa