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Hostile Takeover

"Excuse me , I was sitting here," the lady says with a rising inflection that betray s her irritation . The couple look up. The lady, happy to see the success of her vocal prod, suppresses a smile  and continues, "I'd just nipped to the toilet ." "Oh, yeah, right, sorry, D idn't realise some one was sitting here ," the boyfriend drawls, feigning sympathy. His girlfriend bites her lip a s she rubs the sliver cross hang ing around her long, thin neck. The lady looks directly into the boyfriend's eyes, goes to speak, then pauses. The boyfriend's casual confidence wanes as he sees the steely intelligence in her eyes. "Well, now you know, I suggest you move", the lady whispers with all the artful strength of a woman whose mother once helped the French Resistance.   "We're not moving," the boyfriend snorts as his eyes hastily take in the Ikea art on the cafe wall.  The girlfriend squirms in