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Revels and Rebels III

Dear Santa, For the last two Christmases I asked for a revolution. I didn't get one. This year, I begin my letter not with a wish; rather a note of thanks.  Thank you Santa for granting my two year old wish. In 2010, some may say Britain isn’t a better place for this year’s revolutions. I tend to disagree. As 2010 has played out, we have watched the Faust story unfold in British politics as the Liberals marry the Tories for a slice of power. This year, the Government has continued to value the wishes of its people with the same respect a small child has for the coconut on a coconut shy. In this fairground of representation where polling offices are unable to accommodate voters and the Liberals swap the loyalty of their voters for an over-sized and garish teddy bear, the cost is democracy; the very thing we apparently send our armies to fight for. One thing can be sure, that the cost of the alimony from the inevitable Tory and Liberal divorce will of course come out of the p