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Revels and Rebels VIII

Dear Santa, Herewith is my eighth Christmas wish. As it is the eighth, I’ve had to partake in an extra big mug of mulled wine.  As you may have heard, t he number eight is an inauspicious number for me. But as there’s plenty of hope and good will around this time of year, fingers crossed that there’ll be a truce tonight between me and the number eight, so my Christmas wish can come to you loud and bright. Santa, for Christmas this year, I would like a revolution.  “Quelle surprise”, I hear you say. Over the 7 Christmases past, we’ve covered revolutions from X-factor like politics to the beauty myth.  And just like every one of these Christmases past, my current wish for a revolution won’t disappoint: In 2016 , I want the British public to get behind the Call to Create.   That's right Santa. I want a creative revolution.  Just to be clear, I'm not just talking glittery placards here. I'm talking about the type of revolution where Colin  next door, little Suzy who d