Idle Chatter

Dear Tooth Fairy,


It's been awhile since I've written to you.  Since I was 7 in fact.  Sorry for the long radio silence.  I've been growing up. 

35 years on, I've come to realise what you were teaching me.  That to make a change and get something new, you have to lose something. To impart such wisdom, I've come to realise that you're like the Dalai Lama but with wings - and possibly a wand.

What I'd love you to do, is to visit the Houses of Parliament and sprinkle around some of your wisdom. I'm afraid you will find the mouthpiece full of decay, cold sores and oral thrush.  But if you scavenge around the wreckage of its chattering mouth, I imagine you'll find some wisdom teeth ready to jump ship which you could profit from.

When you do pay a call to Westminster, perhaps you could remind the politicians that if they want a different Britain, they need to lose something first.  I suggest that they lose the power games so they can grow up and take responsibility for the situation they have created - where parties are swapping loyalties for coalition buddies like kids swap collector cards. 

If the Labour, Liberal and Conservative politicians really want the change they are all trumpeting about, what are they prepared to lose?  Their vanity, their seat, their party?  

Yours, jadedly,

Louise x


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